About Me

I joined Shanhui Fan's group at Stanford University as a postdoc in August of 2015. Since joining, my research has focused on the properties of systems with non-uniform distributions of gain and loss. This project has yielded the results:

  • Development of a general theory of parity-time symmetric photonic crystals.
  • Derive a general condition for systems to exhibit 'bending' eigenvalue trajectories as the gain or loss in a system is varied.

My thesis work in Douglas Stone's theoretical optics and photonics research group at Yale University focused on both developing new analytic theories and the associated numerical methods to understand lasers from the semiclassical and fully quantum perspective. These efforts have led to the following:

  • Development of a new form of steady-state semiclassical laser theory, more general than any previously found.
  • Prediction and numerical confirmation of new physics in laser systems subjected to an externally applied signal.
  • Design of a laser cavity optimized for highly multi-mode speckle-free operation for use in optical imaging experiments.
  • Development of a new, and again more general form of the theory of the quantum-limited laser linewidth and quantitative verification of the theory by simulation of the full lasing equations in the presence of Langevin noise.

Picture of Alex Cerjan backpacking in Grand Teton National Park.