Our group at the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT), within Sandia National Laboratories, has two main thrusts. First, we create and develop rationally designed novel photonic structures for potential device applications by leveraging symmetry, topology, non-Hermiticity, or other considerations. After discovering these structures, we collaborate with experimentalists both within and outside of Sandia to realize and characterize these systems. Second, we derive and implement local, real-space methods for classifying material topology in a range of systems, such as toy models, photonic crystals, and nonlinear materials. Here, we extensively collaborate with Terry Loring, a professor of mathematics at the University of New Mexico.

As part of CINT (which is a Department of Energy Nanoscale Science Research Center), we also run active an active user program covering these, and related, topics. If you are interested in pursuing a user proposal to leverage our theoretical and numerical capabilities for your own research, please reach out.

Picture of Alex Cerjan backpacking in Grand Teton National Park.