All of our group's software is available on GitHub.

The numerical K-theoretic methods that we derive and develop within our group are only useful so long as there are efficient numerical implementations of these methods that are publicly available. As such, we strive to ensure that we both produce and maintain such implementations as part of our activities. If you are interested in these methods, please reach out.

Finite-Difference Pseudospectral-Domain method for photonic crystals

As part of our recent work on developing a framework for predicting the topology of gapless heterostructures (see arXiv:2303.17135), we have released the spectral localizer implementation used to generate the data shown in this manuscript. These MATLAB scripts are set up to generate data for figure 2 of that work, but include all of the necessary options to regenerate all of the plots shown in the study.

Saturable gain media in MEEP

Prior to starting a group at CINT, I led the effort to complete and validate the saturable multi-level atomic susceptibility feature and validated the gyrotropic media feature in the open-source photonics simulation software package MEEP. (A detailed technical note for the first feature is available in arXiv:2007.09329.)